April 21, 2020

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time in Quarantine

1. Learn/Practice a Second Language

Not only does being bilingual make you more marketable as an employee, but also research suggests that learning a second language increases cognitive ability, improves academic performance, and increases cultural awareness and sensitivity.[1] So pick a language, grab a study partner, and start, commencer, empezar, início, bÖrja!

[1] https://www.actfl.org/advocacy/what-the-research-shows

2. Sharpen Your Computer Skills

Sharpen your computer skills – Technology is always changing and it can be difficult to keep up even when you work with some of this technology on a daily basis.  There are a number of online learning programs that provide training on all manner of software and technology from Microsoft Office to SEO to software coding and more.  A few of these online programs include:  www.careeracademy.



(I am not affiliated with any of these organizations.)

Tip:  Groupon often has great discounts on courses offered through these websites.

3. Watch TedTalks

TedTalks can be particularly helpful for those looking for information and inspiration on self-improvement – self-acceptance, public speaking, networking, improving memory, dealing with change, etc.  Return to work with a new attitude and a new sense of self-confidence.

4. Develop Better Sleep Hygiene

Yes, sleep hygiene is a real thing.  The Sleep Foundation defines sleep hygiene as a variety of different practices and habits that are necessary to have good nighttime sleep quality and full daytime alertness.  Much research has been done on the importance of adequate sleep for children and adults.  Health.gov lists some of the benefits of sleep as maintaining healthy weight, improving mood, thinking more clearly, and getting sick less often (among others). For more information on establishing good sleep hygiene visit www.sleepfoundation.org .  Who among us couldn’t use a little more sleep?

5. Read "Crucial Conversations" by Kerry Patterson

There’s a reason why this book is still popular 10 years after its original publication.  Whether at work or at home – with family, friends, and co-workers – there will be uncomfortable conversations that need to happen.  Crucial Conversations is a practical guide to approaching uncomfortable and/or emotionally charged conversations (like telling your sister you’re sick of hearing about her kids every time you talk on the phone) with sensitivity, empathy, and mutual benefit.  It’s a quick read that can have a big impact!