June 24, 2020

(FREE) 5 Core Values Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you identify your top five guiding principles or Core Values.  They are the values by which you strive to live your life.  Once you identify your values it brings clarity and decision-making becomes easier.  The list of values included in the assessment is not exhaustive.  Four spaces have been left blank for you to insert any additional values that were not included but are important to you.  You will find more values listed below to spark your creativity and introspection. 

NOTE: All values are created equal. No value is more/less important or “appropriate” than any another.  For example, valuing money is just as valid as valuing compassion.  Each is perfectly acceptable.  These are YOUR values and you are entitled to them.

Instructions:  The assessment is designed in a "tournament" style to help you narrow down your values to your top five.  There are four color-coded levels in the "tournament" orange, blue, green, and yellow.  On level 1 (orange) you will be presented with pairs of values and you must choose which of the two is more important to you.  Those selections are placed in the blue column. Once you’ve completed level 1 (orange), repeat the same process on level 2 (blue) – choosing which value is more important to you and placing those selections in the green column.  This pairing and selection continues until you have reached level four (yellow).  

NOTE:  On level 2 (blue) you may have an odd number of values.  Simply leave the remaining value unchanged and move it to level three (green).  On the fourth and final level (yellow) you will see that you have identified only 4 values.  The fifth value is intentionally left blank for you to add any value that is meaningful to you.  Once you have added the final value, you will have identified your 5 Core Values.

Additional Values to Get You Thinking

conformity, courage, courtesy, dependability, ease, efficiency, aesthetics/beauty, gratitude, growth, harmony, humility, individuality , intimacy, pragmatism, planning, spontaneity, reason, liberty, resilience, simplicity, pride, stability, thrift, tradition, variety

Click here to access the assessment.  If you are unable to enter data, then simply download the file and open with Microsoft Excel.

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