September 4, 2020

Project Spare Bottle

The 2020 season of Project Spare Bottle (PSB) has come to a close (unofficially). I started PSB back in 2012 and it will continue as long as I walk this earth. Its purpose is to:

Help our homeless to beat the heat during the summer months by keeping a spare bottle of water in your purse or in your car during evening rush hour. Since its inception Project Spare Bottle has placed 1000+ bottles of water into the hands of our homeless population here in Dallas. Project Spare Bottle is not a charity or a nonprofit organization. Project Spare Bottle is a movement. If you can't spare a dime, then please spare a bottle. Project Spare Bottle: Spread the word and Spare a bottle. 

You can find us on facebook or

Pinterest: (there's lots of fun stuff here)

If you wonder why I keep at it regardless of whether participation numbers are high or low, here's your answer:

FYI, he's singing while playing the hell out of that piano.